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The basic truth about teaching values and morals to our children is that values and morals are learned not through works or lecture, but through living it. The kind of values we ourselves treasure as adults or those that form part of our life's principles are manifested in our everyday life. Children should be taught values in concert with methods of analysis and judgment that yield answers about right and wrong, better and worse concerning personal behavior and the common good. The integration of cognitive development and character development can best be achieved through perspective-taking, moral reasoning, thoughtful decision-making and moral self-knowledge. Since young children learn through role-playing, this is an excellent way to teach values and morals to them. We understand the importance of focusing on our kids not only do children learn best, but they also enjoy themselves the most and they have the most fun when developmentally appropriate practice is followed. That adds high repeat appeal when a hands-on approach is followed. When children have fun and want to come to church, they will have a strong influence on their parents to bring them back, and back and back again. A church without children is a church without a future. We at Ledeta Lemariam church strive to make our church a second home for our children

Sunday School 8:00am-9:30am

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