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Our Church design is guided by the principles and elements of the classical tradition of Oriental Orthodox Churches and of our own Ethiopian Orthodox Culture that has evolved over time. The principles follow the classic formal canonical relationship that existed and preserved for many centuries in the design of Oriental Orthodox Churches including our contemporary ones. Special care was taken to minimize the influence of modern abstraction that might have compromised the meaning of the above mentioned concepts. Hence our Church has all the basic elements of the Traditional Orthodox Church: The Altar, The Sanctuary, The Nave /Narthex, and The dome. The exterior form of the building is a result of the arrangement of these elements. From a bird’s eye view Our Church has a crucifix form reminiscent of our lord’s Cross stretching towards the East with The Altar also facing in the same direction as it is also required by our religion. The elongated side of our Church is facing North and South. The primary entrances at the west end are located and adorned within a trinity of concentric arches reminiscent of the Holy Trinity. Two bell towers spring on each site of the west end symbolic of the two natures of our Lord, perfect man and perfect God, The Church on Earth bound in between, a place where Divinity meets Humanity on earth. Each of these towers has eight openings reminiscent of the” eight’s day” the extra perfection of God’s hand and is crowned with a cross. The larger dome is placed at the center of the cross and at the highest point of the Church to symbolize the victory of Christ above anything. The larger dome has twelve openings to remember the twelve prophets of the Old Testament and is topped with a cross, the epitome of Christ’s victory over death and despair.


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